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Always interested in science and nature since he was really young. After high school his tendency for the scientific subjects led him to take master degree in Marine Sciences. During the academic years he had the opportunity to improve his knowledge about the flora and fauna both for the marine and terrestrial habitats. In the same years he took part in a course about ‘geophysics exploration of the polar areas’ and immediately he understood what way he wanted to follow. For this reason, in March 2017 he defended and deposited his PhD thesis in Earth, Environmental and Polar Sciences run in collaboration among the University of Siena (Italy), the Italian National Antarctic Museum (Italy) and the British Antarctic Survey (United Kingdom) with a specialization in polar benthic ecology.

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His first step in the Polar Regions was during his PhD, when he participated, as researcher, in an international winter expedition in Svalbard. Since that moment he joined several expeditions to remote places. After several years working for science doing research, international conferences and publishing manuscripts he decided that was the moment to spend more time in the field. For this reason, from the 2015 he started working and living in the polar areas, especially in Svalbard, building and improving his skills and polar credentials. He spent time doing practice and courses about GPS systems, avalanches risks, driving zodiacs and small boats and more. In the same years he started to work also as expedition guide for different, national and international, companies. Now is working full-time as – Expedition leader and Assistant expedition leader –  in the Oceanwide expedition team sharing with the guests his love and passion for Antarctica and Polar areas!

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In addition to his scientific and technical skills, he is also a professional wildlife and travel photojournalist. He likes to use his images as teaching method to reach as many people as possible and to communicate with the new generations, people and institutions about what the science is doing in these particular areas of the planet to protect the species and the environment. He likes feeling excited when he has the opportunity to see strange and unusual animals and spend time with them. Author of the book called “Polar Lights” published in the 2019, he is now using his images and videos in several new exhibitions around Italy to talk about science and other topics related with the climate change.

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Are you interested in a trip to the polar regions and you don’t know how to do it? Please send me an email, I will help you in all the different steps. Thanks to my many years of personal experience in the sector, gained directly in the field by working as a professional guide, I will be able to help you in the best possible way, on each specific front.

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