From Science to Expedition Guide with the aim of...conservation and communication

Born as polar scientist working to preserve and protect the most pristine environment on our Planet
in the last years I’m working in the Arctic and Antarctica as expedition guide and lecturer

I like to use my professional knowledge and images as teaching method to reach as much people as possible
and to communicate with the new generations, people and institutions

Awesome and special moments during the fieldwork


Depict the enchant of the nature through the lens. 
The ecosystems contain an astonishing number of creatures and the photographs can be used to carry a message about their habits, behaviour and to describe the species in their habitats


Our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals.
The photography is becoming important as a tool to document the scientific activities and can be used to make disclosure on issues relating to science to reach a growing number of people every day


Discover some of the unusual places on Earth. 
Some were created by nature during the centuries but, sometimes, are results of past humans activities. All of these places can evocate strange sensations and bring in another dimension




Ready to work on field?

Designed to teach you everything we know about photography. 
Open to anyone who wants to start using the camera in a controlled manner, using creative techniques. We will work to improve your general photography techniques but also some techniques typical for the close-up and landscape photography. 

During our courses, due to our skills, it will be also possible to improve the knowledge about the species that we will find during the field work



photographic and disclosure book about the Arctic

In a historical-cultural moment in which technology and large inhabited centers constantly dominate our lives, with this photographic-informative book the two authors want to bring us back to life in its truest and original state giving us a few moments of fresh air in which the the only dominator is nature, in its shapes and colors.
‘Polar Lights’ is their first book, as well as their first editorial collaboration, and stems from a project that lasted several years and designed as a tribute to the beauty and nuances of our planet in this region … the Arctic.
The editorial choice wanted full-page photographs in order to give maximum expression to the images, which – through more than 100 pages – will transport the reader to one of the ice kingdoms to discover a mysterious and fascinating world, where he can feel the force vibrant of nature.

To request any information about, please contact me

Stay update about my work, photos, workshops and more...

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