Nature captured with photography

Depict the enchant of the nature through the lens

The ecosystems contain an astonishing number of creatures and the photographs can be used to carry a message about their habits, behaviours and to describe the species in their habitats

The photography meet the science

Our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals

The photography is becoming important as a tool to document the scientific activities and can be used to make disclosure on issues relating to science to reach a growing number of people every day



Places through the photography

Discover some of the unusual places on Earth

Some were created by nature during the centuries but, sometimes, are results of past humans activities. All of these places can evocate strange sensations and bring in another dimension



Workshops and Courses

Open to anyone wants to start manage the camera in a controlled manner, using creative techniques linked to the nature photography

Workshops and courses are organized in collaboration with other good photographers and nature experts

To request any information about riftia.eu, please contact me

Stay update about my work, photos, workshops and more...

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