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Welcome to, website of Italian marine ecologist and science photographer Claudio Ghiglione. I was born in Genoa, Italy, in 1983. I have been interested in science and nature since I was really young. After my degrees I worked on different projects with my supervisor and at the moment I’m a PhD student in Earth, Environmental and Polar Sciences at the University of Siena. At the same time I’m a temporary research fellow at the Italian Antarctic National Museum (MNA, Section of Genoa). Here I’m working, within my PhD project, with the aims to modelling the distribution of the Ross Sea continental shelf Mollusca, by using unpublished recent data jointly with the SOMBASE dataset which compiles distributional data of Antarctic molluscs obtained in more than 100 years of polar expeditions. Thanks to this modelling, it will be possible to formulate hypothesis about future scenarios, for example consequent to sea water warming and the possible consequent variations in habitat availability. These information will be used to establish a base line of reference that could be used to measure any future change.

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