Claudio Ghiglione
Team Member - website owner
Marine ecologist specialized in polar sciences and photographer
Marco Maggesi
Team Member
Naturalist specialized in biological monitoring and photographer
Federico Crovetto
Team Member
Naturalist specialized in ecology and conservation and photographer

Ready to work on field?

We want you to become the best photographer you can be

Courses and workshops are designed to teach you everything we know about photography

Open to anyone who wants to start using the camera in a controlled manner, using creative techniques linked to the nature photography. We will work to improve your general photography techniques but also some techniques typical for the close-up and landscape photography

During our courses, due to our skills, it will be also possible to improve the knowledge about the species that we will find during the field work


Naturalist and macro photography


Introduction to the use of the flash


Iceland: deserts, volcanoes and glaciers


To request any information about, please contact me

Stay update about my work, photos, workshops and more...

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