Next Course, November 2017

NEW COURSE, NOVEMBER 2017 November 8, 2017 – November 22, 2017 New appointment of the year with the course on wildlife photography. Divided in few lessons it will be possibile to improve and learn all

Machu Picchu, the mountain in the clouds

MACHU PUCCHU, THE MOUNTAIN IN THE CLOUDS   A year ago… after early morning hike – from the valley to the top of the Machu Picchu mountain – completely surrounded by clouds, the

Islanda Tour – kailas

ISLANDA TOUR – KAILAS   Eccoci rientrati in Italia… si è concluso da qualche giorno l’ultimo tour Kailas in Islanda della stagione 2017. E’ stato decisamente un buon viaggio. Abbiamo

Hard life at high latitudes

HARD LIFE AT HIGH LATITUDES   Adaptations of living species to cold extreme conditions have produced some of the most unusual forms of life on Earth. Polar environments are both the

Meeting in the new Photofactory area

MEETING IN THE NEW PHOTOFACTORY AREA   Free dating on naturalistic photography PhotoFactory is a lounge where you can exchange ideas and projects! The first meeting with thematic meetings will

Naturalistic May…

NATURALISTIC MAY…   THURSDAY 18 May 17:30 – 18:30 Free dating on naturalistic photography PhotoFactory is a lounge where ideas and projects interpret! The first meeting with thematic meetings will

Discover Documentary #5 Deep Sea

DISCOVERY DOCUMENTARY #5 DEEP SEA   Scientists are only just starting to uncover what lives in the deepest parts of the world’s ocean. Find out about some of the weirdest

In Islanda tra deserti, vulcani e ghiacciai

IN ISLANDA TRA DESERTI, VULCANI E GHIACCIAI Un itinerario in Islanda dedicato alla fotografia, in ambienti selezionati in modo da percorrere non troppi chilometri ed avere tutto il tempo necessario

New multipurpose camera strap by MaGear

NEW MULTIPURPOSE CAMERA STRAP BY MAGEAR I received today the new camera strap from MaGear: the HWS High Weight Strap.  This strap was built using military materials in order to obtain a really

International Polar Bear Day

INTERNATIONAL POLAR BEAR DAY Every year on February 27 this day wants to bring attention to the challenges of the polar bears with the warming Arctic. This species is the