Two years ago… first time in the High Arctic

TWO YEARS AGO… FIRST TIME IN THE HIGH ARCTIC Already two years are passed from my first time in the High Arctic area. I love the poles, I like to

The attraction for the polar regions to those who have been once is irresistible

THE ATTRACTION FOT THE POLAR REGION TO THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN ONCE IS IRRESISTIBLE A great Italian explorer of the North Pole – Umberto Nobile – in one of his

New field season is coming

SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY… NEW FIELD SEASON IS COMING First week-end of the new year on field with other two friends and colleagues. The new photo season is coming, more news soon!  

Nazca desert, lines from the sky

NAZCA DESERT, LINES FROM THE SKY The word Nazca is synonymous all over the world of big geoglyphs that hundreds years ago have been engraved in the vast plains of

New portfolio section on the website

NEW PORTFOLIO SECTION ON THE WEBSITE From February 2017 a new section on the website was published. New short stories and news from the field will be publish here…stay tuned!  Some

One year ago… packing for Antarctica

ONE YEAR AGO… PACKING FOR ANTARCTICA Already a year has passed since I was packing all of my stuff to travel to Antarctica. I remember the moment as one of

Sri Lanka, a biodiversity jewel

SRI LANKA, A  BIODIVERSITY JEWEL Several books gave this title at this place for its incredible diversity compared the size of land. Situated in the end part of Asia has a