Meeting freezy for a common species

MEETING FRENZY FOR A COMMON SPECIES In a beechwood of the Ligurian Apennines, every year in early spring, when snow and ice begin to melt, you can attend an extraordinary event: thousands

Biological control at the wasp of the Genus Castanea

BIOLOGICAL CONTROL AT THE WASP OF THE GENUS CASTANEA In Italy in recent years, after the first sighting occurred in 2002, there has been a wasp from China that has

Studying a population of mediterranean leaf-toed gecko

STUDYING A POPULATION OF MEDITERRANEAN LEAF-TOED GECKO In nature there are several species of geckos and they are the most species-rich group of lizards, with about 1500 different species, in the World.

Preservation of endangered species

PRESERVATION OF ENDANGERED SPECIES In recent years biodiversity, conservation of habitat and species conservation have always been the most important and well-known topics, also for people who don’t belong to the

New collaboration with TopMarket

NEW COLLABORATION WITH TOPMARKET PHOTO VIDEO  From September 2016 all courses will be held in collaboration with TopMarket Photo/Video. All the courses present in the Academy are available at the following

RIFTIA.EU IS NOW ONLINE WITH A NEW LOOK After six years of hard work the older version my website is changed. The new version is online with a new, simple